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Bootstrap 4 is the newest version of Bootstrap, which is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile-first websites.

Below are projects that come under the term bootstrap 4

Hove Fitness and Squash

Launch date: 18/09/2020

Hove Fitness and Squash uses the same adaptable Theme template developed by myself and The Flawless Agency. The theme uses the same basic low budget theme as used on other low cost sites , but with an updated bespoke page builder plugin allowing for extended functionality and layout options.

Zona Spaces

Launch date: 02/09/2020

Site url: Zona Spaces

Zona Spaces was developed first using the new low cost Theme option developed by myself and The Flawless Agency, but launched later than other sites using the same template. The theme template has gone through a number of upgrades as the bespoke page builder plugin was being constantly developed and added upon. The site does include an E-Commerce facility that is dues to come online later this year.

Argylle Group PLC

Argylle Group PLC logo

Launch date: 27/07/2020

Site url: Argylle Group PLC

Argylle Group PLC uses a newly developed theming option developed by myself and The Flawless Agency that allows for low cost site development. The themes basic structure requires very little branding and the content is controlled by a bespoke page builder. This will allow future page builder updates as well as theme updates to easily be distributed across the sites that make use of this low budget site construction method.

Argylle Group PLC logo

Advanced Material Show USA

The Advanced Material Show USA logo

Launch date: 02/04/2020

Agency: Raw Marketing

The Advanced Material Show USA site is a constructed to a set theme layout that is carried over from other Event Partners websites. This was a fresh build in order to incorporate improved user interface options within the CMS. The site makes use of the Wordpress Rest API to receive date from another Event Partners site to display Board members, Sponsors and Supporters.

The Advanced Material Show USA logo

Elephant in the room

Launch date: 05/03/2020

Agency: Weareneo

Responsive Wordpress site build to run an Online Survey,  WPForms was used, along with WPForms Surveys and Polls to help organise the poll date.

Electric Cabaret Company

Launch date: 26/11/2019

Show business website using the Wordpress CMS with bespoke Page Builder option to allow for tailored content layouts. Additionally the site required option to display angle framed images, with the image angle being set from within the CMS.

Drunken Berries

Drunken Berries - Logo

Launch date: 25/10/2019

Agency: Huskii Studio

E-commerce Wordpress site using WooCommerce to sell alcohol mixers. The site was also used a promotional platform and so animation was incorporated to help enhance the user experience.

Drunken Berries - Logo

Adventure Yogi

Adventure Yogi - Logo

Launch date: 25/10/2019

Agency: Huskii Studio

Mobile responsive Yoga travel agency site that caters for virtual and real holidays / retreats. The site uses WooCommerce to handle and organise payments as well as other WooCommerce extensions to control, amongst other things, client Memberships.

Adventure Yogi - Logo

Flawless Agency

Flawless - Logo

Launch date: 19/09/2019

Wed design and print agency Wordpress site. Site build uses Bootstrap 4 to handle the mobile responsive requirements. I work closely with Flawless and we have cooperated on a large number of corporate projects together.

Flawless - Logo

Hugo Energy App

Hugo - Logo

Launch date: 12/07/2019

Agency: Huskii Studio

Single page website to help promote an Energy saving App. The site uses the Wordpress CMS for content editing and is built with Bootstrap 4 to allow for mobile responsiveness. It utilises CSS animation to help enhance the user experience to give the website more 'character.'

Hugo - Logo

Justyna Neryng photographic artist

Launch date: 26/06/2019

This site contains adult nudity

Photographic artist website. Design and built by me. The site helps promote her artwork and uses Javascript Fancybox to display her artwork in large formats. The template design and coding was also the starting point and inspiration for this website.

Brighton & Hove Athletics Club

Launch date: 24/05/2019

Brighton Athletic club website, using Wordpress for its CMS and blogging. Gravity forms was used for simple club kit ordering. Site news/blog posts were imported from Joomla. The site also uses Event Calendar for club event promotion.


Launch date: 04/04/2019

Site url: sulcoflex.com

Product promotional website or Rayner using Wordpress multisite. Site language variations include English, German and Spanish. Multisite ID's are used to differentiate the different languages. This site also uses animation to help enhance the user experience.

Aeon Eye Drops

Launch date: 28/02/2019

Site url: aeoneyedrops.com

Product promotional website or Rayner using Wordpress multisite. Site language variations include English and German. Multisite ID's are used to differentiate the different languages. This enables none CMS elements within the shared theme template to display the correct language.


Rayner - Logo

Launch date: 01/01/2019

Site url: rayner.com

Eye care global corporate website. Build on the Wordpress platform. Multiple page templates were developed as well as using ACF for the Page builder facility. The theme template was also used for the companies USA and Japanese sites. The site uses animation for product promotion as seen here.

Rayner - Logo

The Villa Agency

The Villa Agency - Logo

Launch date: 20/12/2018

European Villa rental website. Bootstrap 4 was used to handle the mobile responsiveness and Wordpress for the CMS and blogging. Bespoke Ecommerce and villa booking plugin was developed by W34u The site interacts with the bespoke plugin in numerous ways allowing for easy villa searching and booking.

The Villa Agency - Logo

Tim Clissold

Tim Clissold - Logo

Launch date: 06/12/2018

Site url: timclissold.net

Designer: Megan Sayers

Book promotional website that also cover Tim Clissold's public speaking and coach management services. Another interest design by Megan Sayers that was fun to construct. The sites required various templates types along with custom content areas for easy updating and changing.

Tim Clissold - Logo


Launch date: 01/11/2018

Site url: www.evelec.co.uk

Agency: Raw Marketing

Green energy company that installs electrical charge points for the home and cars. The site had various template requirements and so the a bespoke page builder was constructed with the use of the ACF plugin. This allow the client to easy add sections to the site, reorder them and of required delete them.

Healthwatch Croydon

Launch date: 04/07/2018

Croydon region site delivering Healthwatch services. The site makes extensive use of ACF and my Page Builder facility to allow for east construction of page elements.


Launch date: 12/06/2018

Site url: www.blos.co.uk

Designer: Megan Sayers

British Lingual Orthodontic Society membership website. This site uses Wordpress for its CMS and blogging as well as handling its memberships area. The site includes a 'Find a lingual orthodontist' facility to search for orthodontists within a postcode area in the United Kingdom.


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