This portfolio is a selection of some of the many projects I have worked on over the years.

The projects listed below tend to be for clients of agencies I have worked with. These agencies either use their own in-house designers or enlist third party designers to assist with the project.

If you wish to here about my work quality of work then have a look at the testimonials that some clients have provided

If you are interested in working with me on your project then please feel free to contact me

Crimson Fox Consulting

Launch date: 10/03/2021

Crimson Fox Consulting uses the successful Theme template and bespoke page builder developed by myself and The Flawless Agency. The site makes full use of the page builder options, delivering an easy site build experience for the client

ReBuild Consortium

Launch date: 04/02/2021

Site url: ReBuild Consortium

Rebuild Consortium uses the highly successful Theme template and bespoke page builder developed by myself and The Flawless Agency. The site also required and extensive database import and mapping from a fairly incompatible old CMS

Devil 1 Entertainment

Devil 1 Entertainment logo

Launch date: 22/01/2021

A Film and television security company using the easily customisable Theme template to produce a very simple site layout. The template was used as the pre purchased theme no longer worked with the latest version of Wordpress. The site construction using the bespoke page builder and took three hour to complete. Something of a record!

Devil 1 Entertainment logo

Brighton Festival Chorus

Launch date: 17/12/2020

Agency: Osomi

Custom develop Wordpress theme from a Osomi design. The site required a fine tuned custom page builder facility to accommodate all of the design requirements. Additional work required converting its old Access database to work within the Wordpress environment. The site also required a custom members area for member tailored information and notifications.

Lubricant Expo

Launch date: 03/12/2020

Site url: Lubricant Expo

Agency: Raw Marketing

The Lubricant Expo site is another templated-theme layout that is carried over from other Event Partners websites. The site uses the template from another Event Partners site I constructed, Advanced Material Show USA and adds to it for the required needs of the client.

Sensu – Main site – new build

Launch date: 02/12/2020

Site url: Sensu

This is the main site build, I have also worked on their micro sites

Sensu commissioned me to build their new Wordpress websites from a Huskii Studios design. The design required multiple page builder elements for easy page setup and a custom hand coded mega menu to facilitate the content heavy site. The site construction came in on time and within budget.


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