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Straight talking and objective driven, they’re experts at creating engaging user experiences for their customers. Whether you are looking for graphic design, marketing, branding or digital, they’ll give you the creativity to effectively deliver the results you’re looking for.

I have a very close association with this company and we have worked on may interesting projects together

Below are projects that have been developed for Made by Flawless

Hove Fitness and Squash

Launch date: 18/09/2020

Hove Fitness and Squash uses the same adaptable Theme template developed by myself and The Flawless Agency. The theme uses the same basic low budget theme as used on other low cost sites , but with an updated bespoke page builder plugin allowing for extended functionality and layout options.

Zona Spaces

Launch date: 02/09/2020

Site url: Zona Spaces

Zona Spaces was developed first using the new low cost Theme option developed by myself and The Flawless Agency, but launched later than other sites using the same template. The theme template has gone through a number of upgrades as the bespoke page builder plugin was being constantly developed and added upon. The site does include an E-Commerce facility that is dues to come online later this year.

Argylle Group PLC

Argylle Group PLC logo

Launch date: 27/07/2020

Site url: Argylle Group PLC

Argylle Group PLC uses a newly developed theming option developed by myself and The Flawless Agency that allows for low cost site development. The themes basic structure requires very little branding and the content is controlled by a bespoke page builder. This will allow future page builder updates as well as theme updates to easily be distributed across the sites that make use of this low budget site construction method.

Argylle Group PLC logo

Flawless Agency

Flawless - Logo

Launch date: 19/09/2019

Wed design and print agency Wordpress site. Site build uses Bootstrap 4 to handle the mobile responsive requirements. I work closely with Flawless and we have cooperated on a large number of corporate projects together.

Flawless - Logo


Launch date: 04/04/2019

Site url: sulcoflex.com

Product promotional website or Rayner using Wordpress multisite. Site language variations include English, German and Spanish. Multisite ID's are used to differentiate the different languages. This site also uses animation to help enhance the user experience.

Aeon Eye Drops

Launch date: 28/02/2019

Site url: aeoneyedrops.com

Product promotional website or Rayner using Wordpress multisite. Site language variations include English and German. Multisite ID's are used to differentiate the different languages. This enables none CMS elements within the shared theme template to display the correct language.


Rayner - Logo

Launch date: 01/01/2019

Site url: rayner.com

Eye care global corporate website. Build on the Wordpress platform. Multiple page templates were developed as well as using ACF for the Page builder facility. The theme template was also used for the companies USA and Japanese sites. The site uses animation for product promotion as seen here.

Rayner - Logo

The Villa Agency

The Villa Agency - Logo

Launch date: 20/12/2018

European Villa rental website. Bootstrap 4 was used to handle the mobile responsiveness and Wordpress for the CMS and blogging. Bespoke Ecommerce and villa booking plugin was developed by W34u The site interacts with the bespoke plugin in numerous ways allowing for easy villa searching and booking.

The Villa Agency - Logo

Zeal Networks

Launch date: 09/05/2017

This site has been changed since its development by other web developers

European gambling and lottery corporation websites. Site build required varied template options easily editable from within the Wordpress CMS. Early version of using a page builder facility was used along with multiple bespoke elements.


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