Project Description

2012 Wordpress child theme – K & D Coaching – Charles Kingsley & Anna Debenham

Charles Kingsley and Anna Debenham needed a new website in addition to their already existing website of ( click here to view portfolio item ). K & D Coaching ( was to cater for their new personal growth website.

Working with Lisa Bamford who provided the clean and precise design they required for their K & D Coaching idea, a child theme of the WordPress 2012 theme was created as their design and additional functionality would be easily adapted to this well established theme. The adaptation process was quick and simple with only minimal changes required to the CSS and child template files.

Additional functionality included editable contact information, testimonial quote facility, editable profiles for both Anna and Charles, the ability to amend page quotes and a facility to add and display upcoming workshops they would be running. All of which was bespoke built without the use of multiple WordPress plugins.

The Workshop facility needed to be displayed in two places on the site and needed to be able to display a title, date of the event, an image and workshop descriptive text. An additional function of being able to manually hide the Workshop from the frontend display was also built in. Also if a workshop date was in the past then it would automatically be removed from the being displayed.